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Exploration with Richard Wiese on Assignment

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The World Explorer with Richard Wiese

Host Richard Wiese takes viewers around the globe, quenching their collective thirst for exploration by bringing them thrilling stories and startling images never before seen.

Richard Wiese explains, “Exploring is exciting and inherently fun - instinctive in every human from our first breath on earth. Curiosity has always been the key ingredient for all explorers. There has always been one intrepid soul who has wondered what is on the other side of that mountain or that ocean and then has gone out to find the answer. One of the great traditions of exploration is storytelling, whether it be around an aboriginal camp fire in Australia or at a public lecture at The Explorers Club.” Richard Wiese carries on this tradition of the telling of the tale in his cutting-edge television series, which takes viewers around the world.


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The World Explorer

Alligator Pilot Exploration wtih RIchard Wiese

Expedition Africa- Injury

Expedition Africa-Snakes

Expedition Africa - Water

Expedition Africa- Storms

Expedition Africa- Heat

The World Explorer

Groundhog day

Groundhog Day

Global Warming

Global Warming

Wiese 007

Wiese 007ish

Africa Weather

Africa Weather

Wiese Gold Fever

Gold Fever

Wiese Everest

Mt.Everest Controversy


















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